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#tinnage009 has arrived

Mornington Peninsula Brewery’s latest can release is #tinnage009 Mimas Red IPA.

It arrives at the perfect time, to help warm us up during the last of the Winter chill lingers.

This hoppy, malty and full-bodied ale pours a dark rusty brown colour with a tan head. Aromas of ripened stone-fruit and Gran’s glovebox candy greets the nose, with flavours of hoppy peach and biscuit on the palate. With extensive dry-hopping near the end of the brew brings out the fruitiness of the hops without an overwhelming bitterness.

The name Mimas derives from the smallest moon of Saturn sharing its name. This moon is the smallest astronomical body that is known to be rounded in shape because of self-gravitation. Mimas the beer, much like the moon, is in a delicate balance. Although some may argue a 7% ABV IPA is not in fact balanced, we believe all beer styles require a balance to be able to be enjoyed. In regards to Mimas, the fruity hoppiness of the beer is balanced perfectly with the solid malty backbone that carries the beer.

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