#tinnage007 Mosaic IPA tastes as good as it looks

Mornington’s latest #tinnage release is a 5.9% Mosaic IPA. It is a single hop American IPA featuring wonderful stonefruit flavours and aromas. Due to the popularity of Mornington’s original Specialty keg release of Mosaic IPA, the team decided it was well worth it becoming the seventh member of the #tinnage family.

The mosaic hop (HBC369), originating in USA in 2012, has been described as Citra (one of the hops found in Mornington Pale) on steroids. With its ability of providing a dry fruitiness without the sweetness, the hop makes Mornington Mosaic IPA a lovely combination of crisp bitterness and fruity essence. It is a beer that any Pale ale or IPA fan would enjoy.

The artwork, designed by The Snake Hole, is reminiscent of both Day of the Dead celebrations where mosaic tiles are used liberally on skulls and skeletons, and also embodies drinking at an old western saloon, paying homage to the North American origins of the Mosaic hop. Basically, we thought it was really cool and would look great on a beer can. Which it does.