Hop Culture cans out with a bang!

HOP CULTURE Session IPA cans have taken off, and are now available from the Brewery Bar, as well as many of the great liquor stores around the country.

A fruity explosion greets your senses as you crack the can releasing the hoppy, pine aromas awaiting inside, while the lean, restrained palate offers medium bitterness supporting tropical flavours of hoppy goodness to enjoy. At an ABV of 4.9% this beer is one to appreciate all day.

The visual design of the HOP CULTURE cans are as explosive and bold as the product within; inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art work, “Whaam!” the bright, strong colours and images are equal parts stunning and enticing.

Unlike Mornington’s #tinnage range, which is produced as a limited release, HOP CULTURE cans will be around all Summer, and may well become a permanent fixture in the Mornington range.