Date coding ensuring freshness

date coding can
date coding bottle

Timing can be a big part of getting the optimal flavour and enjoyment out of a beer. Hop-forward beers are best when they are fresh. As hoppy beers age, such as Mornington Pale or IPA, the hop profile can drop in intensity, losing some of the amazing floral and fruity aromas and flavours of the hops that make these styles so sought after. Other styles such as Porters and Stouts can be aged to bring out some of the more subtle flavours.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery is dedicated to providing the best quality and consistent craft beer that they can. Which is why the Brewery has invested in date coding equipment that stamps each individual can or bottle with the date it was packaged and an advisory best before date. It is just one of many ways that Mornington is striving towards best brewing practices.

Other good breweries are also invested in similar date coding techniques, showing a combined craft-beer industry commitment to quality, transparency and consistency. So next time you go to grab a beer, check the label, neck or bottom of the product to see when it was packaged.