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    Wednesday: 3 - 9pm
    Thursday 3 - 11pm
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    Kitchen closes two
    hours prior each night


Coffee Squid

coffee squid
Style: New England IPA ABV: 5.2% Our Specialty Beer is a coffee-infused New England IPA at 5.2% ABV. True to the style Coffee Squid presents cloudy in appearance, almost like an unfiltered fruit juice. Mild, enticing espresso aromas laced with citus hop notes leads to a soft lowly-bittered palate of hoppy goodness cut with a building coffee tang. Get juicy, get wired. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Silver Screen

Silver Screen
Style: Scotch Ale ABV: 7.6% Silver Screen Scotch Ale was created when we had the crew from Whitehart Bar down to put together a special brew for the Melbourne International Film Festival and went with something warm and wintery. Silver Screen Scotch Ale sits at 7.6% abv and is rich, moreish and with raisin and flavours, this beer would suit anything from an action-blockbuster to a quirky film-noir. To spoil and savour. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Fortnight SMaSH

Fortnight SMaSH
Style: Single hop IPA ABV: 7.1% Our Specialty Beer is a single malt/single hop (SMaSH) West Coast IPA at 7.1% ABV. Showcasing the new Bintani hop blend Fortnight, across a Gladfield ale malt backdrop. Fortnight SMaSH has a big pine hop character with an accompanying citrus note. A dry finish and solid bitterness pays homage to the old-school IPAs of the United States. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

The Mighty Booch

Style: Kombucha Kettle Sour ABV: 4.0% Brewed for GABS 2017, our Specialty beer is The Mighty Booch; a Kombucha inspired kettle sour with additions of black tea, Muscat grapes and Kombucha. Resembling the health tonic with a slight tart character, it brings some tannins, a little fruit character and finishes very dry. At 4% ABV it is tastefully sessional. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Old Pumping Station

Style: Shiraz Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV: 10.0% Mornington Peninsula Brewery is excited to announce the official release of Mornington Artisanal – our selection of uncompromised and distinctive hand-crafted ales. The first release is Old Pumping Station – Mornington Imperial Stout aged in Shiraz barrel. Dark chocolate and cherry aromas, hints of anise and berries laying throughout a textured and malty palate. The barrels were 1-3 year-old American oak from Heathcote. In AG’s words “one of the best beers we have produced’. Old Pumping Station is beautifully packaged in a 750ml champagne bottle and all individually numbered. The image on the bottle was hand-drawn by local artist Josh Brown and the label was designed by our Creative Director Rod Attenborough.

Jiffy Squid Vermont IPA

Style: Vermont IPA ABV: 5.1% We had Matt from Brewski down to collude on a beer for Brewsvegas 2017, and plumped for a Vermont IPA at 5.1% abv. Fat, juicy, cloudy and so very hoppy, Jiffy Squid is our take on the style. A full-frontal hop assault featuring passionfruit, mango and pineapple notes on a lightly bitter and soft palate. Jiffy Squid is a showcase of the very best of hops.


Style: India Pale Lager ABV: 6.1% Our Specialty Beer is an Australian-hopped India Pale Lager (IPL) at 6.1% ABV. Hopped to the hilt with fruity Australian hops our lager presents pale straw in colour, much like a German pilsner. Big tropical fruit flavours of passionfruit and melon lead to a super dry, clean finish, making for a sessionable ale.

Nut King Cole

Style: Collaboration Hazelnut Brown Ale ABV: 5.5% After having the team from Beer Deluxe down for a Brewery tour, and also after a few rounds, conversation moved naturally as it does to collaboration beers. One thing led to another, and Nut King Cole was born. Nut King Cole is a Hazelnut Brown ale with a golden brown colour, displaying aromas of nuts, chocolate and sweet dried fruit. The palate is rich and sweet, with an earthy nut flavour coming through thanks to the 12 kg of fresh hazelnuts and hazelnut extract included during the brew. To get the full story as to why we called it Nut King Cole, you will have to ask Derek at Beer Deluxe.

Sunnyside American Wheat

Style: American Wheat Beer ABV: 5.4% Our Specialty Beer, Sunnyside American Wheat, is our take on an American Wheat beer. Designed to sate a thirsty summer palate, Sunnyside presents cloudy straw in colour with a pillowy white head of foam, with bright and enticing aromas of pine and mild passionfruit. The use of rye malt and blood oranges on brewday lend to a dry, austere palate of white pepper and a citrus tartness. Summer sessions.

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