Style: XPA ABV: 5.6% What happened to you X? You used to be mysterious. You used to be cool. X marks the spot. The X factor. X & Y. Solve for X. The XX. Top shelf XXX. Even fXXXXng XXXX. It’s X to excess. And now Xtra Pale Ales. So expected. So excruciating. But so damn excellent. Mornington X Bucket Boys. An extra, Xtra perfect Pale Ale. Mornington Peninsula Brewery recently teamed up with Sydney-based Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co. for a collaboration brew. The 5.6% XPA is a full-frontal hop assault brewed for this month’s Australian Beer Festival and Sydney Craft Beer Week. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS


beleura poster
Style: Beliner Weisse ABV: 3.5% The second addition to the Mornington Artisanal range is Beleura; a light, refreshing Berliner Weisse. Mornington Artisanal is our range of uncompromised and distinctive hand-crafted ales. A Berliner Weisse is a distinguished sour wheat style ale from Berlin once hailed as ‘The Champagne of the North’. Our interpretation delivers crisp apple and fresh lime aromas. Spritzy carbonation coupled with a palate cleansing acidity make this beer the perfect refreshment. Continuing the local connection of the Mornington Artisanal range, Beleura is named after Beleura House and Garden. A beautiful and iconic Mornington location, once the Summer house of the Tallis family, it was later bequeathed to the people of Victoria. Mornington Peninsula Brewery has produced two variations of this delicate beer. One...

NZ Pils

nz pils
Style: New Zealand Pilsner ABV: 5.4% Our Specialty Beer is a New Zealand Pilsner at 5.4% ABV. Using NZ pilsner malt and a combination of wonderfully unique Nelson Sauvin and Wakata hops, our Pilsner offers light bready yeast character married with white grape and floral hop notes. A smooth lightly sweet honeyed palate carries moderate bitterness and crisp carbonation with the grape character of Nelson Sauvin hops ever-present. A beery ode to our southern neighbours.. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Simcoe’s Revenge

Simcoe's Revenge
Style: XPA ABV: 5.1% Our Specialty Beer is an XPA at 5.1% ABV. Aromatic, balanced and fruity, Simcoe's Revenge is a Pale Ale with a turbo-boost in aromatics. The Simcoe hop proffers strong pine and apricot notes that carry the length of the beer. Mild bitterness leads to a stroke of sweet and soft citrusy flavours through the palate. Simcoe's Revenge is a victory for all to savour. Simcoe hops was once part of the IPA dry-hopping process for Mornington's IPA, but was dropped from the recipe. This is its revenge and it tastes good! BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Coffee Squid

coffee squid
Style: New England IPA ABV: 5.2% Our Specialty Beer is a coffee-infused New England IPA at 5.2% ABV. True to the style Coffee Squid presents cloudy in appearance, almost like an unfiltered fruit juice. Mild, enticing espresso aromas laced with citus hop notes leads to a soft lowly-bittered palate of hoppy goodness cut with a building coffee tang. Get juicy, get wired. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Silver Screen

Silver Screen
Style: Scotch Ale ABV: 7.6% Silver Screen Scotch Ale was created when we had the crew from Whitehart Bar down to put together a special brew for the Melbourne International Film Festival and went with something warm and wintery. Silver Screen Scotch Ale sits at 7.6% abv and is rich, moreish and with raisin and flavours, this beer would suit anything from an action-blockbuster to a quirky film-noir. To spoil and savour. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Fortnight SMaSH

Fortnight SMaSH
Style: Single hop IPA ABV: 7.1% Our Specialty Beer is a single malt/single hop (SMaSH) West Coast IPA at 7.1% ABV. Showcasing the new Bintani hop blend Fortnight, across a Gladfield ale malt backdrop. Fortnight SMaSH has a big pine hop character with an accompanying citrus note. A dry finish and solid bitterness pays homage to the old-school IPAs of the United States. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

The Mighty Booch

Style: Kombucha Kettle Sour ABV: 4.0% Brewed for GABS 2017, our Specialty beer is The Mighty Booch; a Kombucha inspired kettle sour with additions of black tea, Muscat grapes and Kombucha. Resembling the health tonic with a slight tart character, it brings some tannins, a little fruit character and finishes very dry. At 4% ABV it is tastefully sessional. BACK TO SPECIALTY BEERS

Old Pumping Station

Style: Shiraz Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV: 10.0% Mornington Peninsula Brewery is excited to announce the official release of Mornington Artisanal – our selection of uncompromised and distinctive hand-crafted ales. The first release is Old Pumping Station – Mornington Imperial Stout aged in Shiraz barrel. Dark chocolate and cherry aromas, hints of anise and berries laying throughout a textured and malty palate. The barrels were 1-3 year-old American oak from Heathcote. In AG’s words “one of the best beers we have produced’. Old Pumping Station is beautifully packaged in a 750ml champagne bottle and all individually numbered. The image on the bottle was hand-drawn by local artist Josh Brown and the label was designed by our Creative Director Rod Attenborough.

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