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Oatmeal Pale

Style: Pale Ale ABV: 5.2% Present hazy straw in colour with a pure white head of foam, crisp aromas of pine needles are on display. Oatmeal Pale is a balanced and refreshing palate showcases wonderful citrus and pine hop flavours that run the length of the palate. Soft, summery and ever so refreshing.

Russel Brown

Style: Brown Ale ABV: 6.6% Russel Brown presents deep dark brown in colour. A Belgian yeast strain provides aromas of light spice and dried fruits. European malts ensure a palate of toffee, bread and cocoa notes. A dryish finish rounds out this complex and brooding ale.

Red Ale

Style: Red Ale ABV: 5.8% Deep burnished red in colour and crowned by a tightly-packed off-white head of foam, our Red Ale presents with grapefruit and floral aromas. The use of solely New Zealand malts has led to a gently sweet palate that finishes with lovely caramel tones. Balanced and easy-drinking.

R ‘n’ R Porter

Style: Porter ABV: 7.8% Brewed especially for the 2014 GABS festival and using solely New Zealand malts, R ‘n’ R Porter displays toffee and Christmas pudding notes, with sweet rum aromas providing support. A full-bodied palate offers lovely raisin flavours and a lightly roasted finish.

Black IPA

Style: IPA ABV: 6.2% An emerging beer style our Black IPA presents black with a mahogany hue and an off white head of foam. Generous dry-hopping lends pronounced tropical fruit aromas interlaced with moderate dark malt tones. Toasty malt character runs the length of a well-balanced palate offset by pronounced hop bitterness and rich stone…

Super Pale 500

Style: Pale Ale ABV: 6% What a better way to celebrate the Mornington Peninsula Brewery 500th brew than to rev up our most popular drop – Mornington Pale. More malt turbo- charged and more Amarillo and Citra hops boosts the wonderful citrus and passionfruit aromas. Mornington Pale, on the throttle, in a celebratory kind of…

Little Irish Red

Style: Mid Strength Ale ABV: 2.9% Deep burnished red in colour, Mornington Little Irish Red is a low-alcohol ale presenting with a finely beaded off white head of foam. Aromas of malty toffee and English tea open up to a palate of bread and nuts, balanced, lightly hopped, soft in the palate and extra quaffable.

Commonfolk Brown

Style: Coffee Ale ABV: 7.3% Mornington Brewery joined forces with local coffee-roasters Commonfolk Coffee to combine our two favourite brews, beer and coffee. Commonfolk Brown is a Strong Brown ale brewed with lavish additions of Australian raisins on brewday and Commonfolk cold-pressed coffee at ferment end. Rich roasted toffee and coffee goodness in the guise…

Belgian Golden Strong

Style: Belgian ABV: 7.9% Light bodied with a golden hue and generous white head of foam, a Belgian yeast strain proffers sweet candy and fruit aromas. Styrian Goldings and Saaz hops provide clove, fruit and spice flavours. Our Belgian Golden Strong is spicy and refreshing with a powerful finish.

Belgian Pale

Style: Belgian ABV: 6.2% Pouring a light amber hue with a tightly- packed off-white head. Styrian Goldings hops and a Belgian yeast strain emit aromas of spice and baking bread. Low bitterness and hop presence allow our Belgian Pale a delicate and lightly fruity palate to announce itself. Lingering malty sweetness and nutty notes round…

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