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    Email: info@mpbrew.com.au
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    Opening times
    Wednesday: 3 - 9pm
    Thursday 3 - 11pm
    Friday 3 - 11pm
    Saturday: 12 – 11pm
    Sunday: 12 - 7pm

    Kitchen closes two
    hours prior each night

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The Mighty Booch

Style: Kombucha Kettle Sour ABV: 4.0% Brewed for GABS 2017, our Specialty beer is The Mighty Booch; a Kombucha inspired kettle sour with additions of black tea, Muscat grapes and Kombucha. Resembling the health tonic with a slight tart character, it brings some tannins, a little fruit character and finishes very dry. At 4% ABV...

Old Pumping Station

Style: Shiraz Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV: 10.0% Mornington Peninsula Brewery is excited to announce the official release of Mornington Artisanal – our selection of uncompromised and distinctive hand-crafted ales. The first release is Old Pumping Station – Mornington Imperial Stout aged in Shiraz barrel. Dark chocolate and cherry aromas, hints of anise and berries…

Nut King Cole

Style: Collaboration Hazelnut Brown Ale ABV: 5.5% After having the team from Beer Deluxe down for a Brewery tour, and also after a few rounds, conversation moved naturally as it does to collaboration beers. One thing led to another, and Nut King Cole was born. Nut King Cole is a Hazelnut Brown ale with a…

#001. Sacchariferous Stout

Style: Specialty Beer ABV: 4.3 % #tinnage is a unique concept aimed at knowledgeable craft beer lovers and only available in cans. Mornington Specialty beers developed a strong following amongst craft beer aficionados, available for limited times at the Brewery Bar and a few craft beer pubs and bars. #tinnage cans now make Mornington Specialty...

#002. Rust Bucket

Style: Specialty Beer ABV: 5.4 % Rust Bucket is a hoppy red ale. Brewed using solely New Zealand malts it is deep burnished red in colour. Citrus and passionfruit aromas give way to a palate featuring rich caramel notes. #tinnage is a unique concept aimed at knowledgeable craft beer lovers and only available in cans....

#003. Why So Cereal

Style: Pale Ale ABV: 4.9 % Why so cereal? is a pale ale brewed using rolled oats to provide a smooth and subtle mouthfeel. Wonderful citrus and pine aromas and flavours flood this refreshing ale. #tinnage is a unique concept aimed at knowledgeable craft beer lovers and only available in cans. Mornington Specialty beers developed...

Warming up for winter

17 May, 2016 With winter looming, MPB has kegged its 2016 Imperial Stout which is sure to warm you to the tips of your toes. The seasonal Porter is also sure to send tastebuds into overdrive, and the classic Brown Ale will certainly be one to snuggle up to on those frosty evenings. [column size=”1/3″][/column][column size=”1/3″][/column][column size=”1/3″ last][/column]

Top 10 Australian breweries

10 May, 2016 A recent list by Mark Simpson from the venerable Beers are a Changin, a website dedicated to all things craft beer, has listed the top 10 Australian breweries for 2016. Proudly, Mornington Pensinsula Brewery came in at number 5, amongst some seriously strong beer makers. The list mentioned that with a bit…

Indefatigable (Triple IPA)

Style: Triple IPA ABV: 11% Our Specialty Beer is a triple IPA at 11% ABV. Following the tradition of US West Coast Brewers Indefatigable is hop excess on show. A beer pushed to its hoppy limit. Bold, pungent pine and stone fruit aromas paired with a hefty resinous hop assault on the palate make this…

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