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Australia’s first nitro can

Mornington’s first Nitro-charged can is also an Australian first. It is an ESB titled Dog’s Bollocks, paying homage to its English style. A malty English Pale Ale with an English-strain yeast and classic English hops, with an ABV of 6.2%, works well with the in-can nitrogen dosing, which creates a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Dog’s Bollocks is part of the ever-evolving #tinnage range; a unique concept aimed at knowledgeable craft beer lovers and only available in cans.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this limited edition run, get ready to pour vigorously. The nitrogen reacts differently than CO2 when the can is opened, requiring a vertical and unbridled transfer into the glass. Although this is counter-intuitive to the gentle style we are all accustomed to, it provides the best taste and texture. The brewing team at MPB has has coined the phrase ‘vertically with enthusiasm’ to encourage customers not to dilly dally when pouring.


Special thanks to Vault Brewing (USA), Chart Industries and Liquid Nitrogen Services for their assistance in making this milestone possible.