12. White IPA

Style: IPA ABV: 5.8% Presenting pale yellow in colour, Mornington White IPA combines elements of both a Belgian Witbier and an American IPA. Aromas of coriander   and citrus hops lead into a crisp, rather dry palate, an ever-present bitterness supporting tart grapefruit and spicy notes. A distinctive hybrid ale, and a modern take on two old favourites.

11. Aussie Ale

Style: Australian Ale ABV: 5.1% Using only Australian ingredients, our Aussie Ale is deep golden in colour, with an Australian yeast-strain offering a cloudy backdrop. Yeasty esters and fruity hop aromas lead into a crisp palate of mild hop bitterness and soft bready yeast. Moderate carbonation with a medium to light body-ideal for the Festive season and our Australian summer.

10. Strisselspalt Pilsner

Style: Pilsner ABV: 5.3% Brewed using traditional European malts, our Strisselspalt Pilsner takes a twist with the addition of French hops Strisselspalt and Aramis. Golden straw in colour with a pure white head of foam. Aromas of lemon and sweetcorn lead into a palate with light malt graininess and sweetness, supported by a solid hop bittering presence. Dry, crisp and refreshing.

9. Dunkelweizen

Style: German ABV: 5.6% Brewed using a German wheat yeast strain, our Dunkelweizen (dunkel = dark) provides estery aromas of dried bananas and subtle spice. Presenting cloudy brown in colour, this yeast – driven ale is enhanced through the palate by the inclusion of wheat and Munich malts, balancing hints of nuts with a lightly tart finish.

8. Oatmeal Stout

Style: Specialty ABV: 5.9% Our Oatmeal Stout is a deep, dark brown in colour, displaying lightly sweet aromas of cocoa beans and banana esters. A rich, smooth palate showcases the use of oatmeal in the brewing process, adding a soft, luscious mouthfeel and body. A full-bodied, malty ale that finishes with a mild, malty flavour.

7. Falconer’s Amber

Style: American Ale ABV: 4.8% Presenting rich amber in colour, Falconer’s amber is topped with a pillowy off-white head. Generous additions of the exclusive hop, Falconer’s Flight, lend aromas of tropical fruit and jam preserve. A malty palate offers notes of biscuits and burnt toffee, finishing with a late flourish of citrus hops.

6. Imperial IPA

Style: American IPA ABV: 8.5% Mornington’s Imperial IPA is burnt orange in colour. This robust ale delivers ripe stone-fruit and rock candy aromas through the lavish additions of American aroma hops. The palate is flooded with the flavours of hops – citrus, earthy and floral – with malty notes in support. A rich and resinous mouthfeel gives way to a powerful yet smooth bitterness. An IPA on steroids.

5. Saison

Style: Speciality Beer ABV: 6% A Seasonal summer style traditionally produced in Wallonia, the French speaking region of Belgium, our Saison pours a hazy orange colour with an off-white head. A Belgian Saison yeast strain provides tart and fruity esters on the nose, giving way to a funky, citrusy palate. Peppery notes round out this dryish, uniquely refreshing ale.

4. Sorachi Summer Ale

Style: Japanese hopped Summer Ale ABV: 5.2% Our Specialty Beer is a Japanese hopped summer ale at 5.2% ABV. Sorachi pours a light straw colour with a compact snow white head.A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer, our summer ale displays subtle aromas of grass and lemon, owing to the use of the Japanese hop variety Sorachi Ace. A light, smooth mouthfeel is coupled with a lemongrass tang on the palate. Subtle, summery and refreshing.

3. India Pale Ale

Style: American Ale ABV: 6.4% Mornington IPA is an American hopped India Pale Ale. Light orange-tinted amber in colour, this heavily hopped ale delivers rich stone-fruit aromas of peach and apricots. An initially sweet malty palate opens up to a fruity hop flavour and rising bitterness that will satisfy the bitter beer drinker.

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