42. Indefatigable (Triple IPA)

Style: Triple IPA ABV: 11% Our Specialty Beer is a triple IPA at 11% ABV. Following the tradition of US West Coast Brewers Indefatigable is hop excess on show. A beer pushed to its hoppy limit. Bold, pungent pine and stone fruit aromas paired with a hefty resinous hop assault on the palate make this an extreme beer for those who dare.

40. Fritz

Style: German ABV: 5.9% Mornington Fritz is a German IPA using malt & hops all sourced from Germany. It is a hoppy ale using Mandarina Bavaria imparting a soft fruitiness that strays away from the traditional earthy/herbal German hop varietals.

39. Fools down Back

Style: Specialty Beer ABV: 6.4% Fools Down Back is our collaboration IPA brew for Good Beer Week 2015 saw us team up with renowned New Zealand brewery 8 Wired and its head brewer and founder Soren Eriksen. The concept for the beer contained two key pillars – lots of Australian hops and using a wild yeast, Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. The result was “Fools down back” named after some rather boisterous local patrons on the day. A beast of fruity hops and bready yeast tartness.

38. Sacchariferous Stout

Style: Specialty Beer ABV: 4.3% Our specialty beer is a sweet/milk stout. Brewed using lactose or milk sugar on brewday it is off-black in colour with a thick tan head of foam. Inviting aromas of mocha and chocolate lead into a sweetly rich and smooth palate, vanilla and chocolate notes coming to the fore. A luscious mouthfeel rounds out with a light roast finish.

37. Two Dogs

Style: Specialty Amber ABV: 5.1% Two Dogs is deep amber in colour, with an off-white head, our rauchbier displays a classic smoked malt aroma profile with light berry hop notes. A balanced and smooth palate of rich smokey bacon and peppery tones offers a full bodied and long-lasting flavor profile. For the initiated.

36. Dark Lager

Style: Specialty Beer ABV: 4.7% Dark Lager Presents off black in colour with deep red edges – a traditional lager brewed with a modern twist. Spicy hop notes lead to a lean pilsner malt body and a palate offering smooth biscuit, chocolate and coffee roast flavours, rounded out with a crisp bitterness. A refreshing dark lager makes for a comforting winter beer.

35. Anzac Biscuit

Style: Specialty Beer ABV: 6.8% To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Gallipoli we have created an ale (6.8% ABV) celebrating the great ANZAC biscuit. Using all the classic ingredients of an ANZAC biscuit, it presents golden brown in colour with a nose dominated by coconut. The palate displays pleasing toasty malt flavours and mild spicy hop notes underpinned by a rich silky mouthfeel and a final flourish of biscuity sweetness.

34. English Ale

Style: English Ale ABV: 5.7% Using all British ingredients including London Ale yeast strains our malt-focused English Ale presents light brown in colour and exhibits fruity yeast ester aromas. Through the palate the pedigree British malts ride into play and provide toffee flavours and a lightly roasted finish and ever so refreshing.

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