50. Hop culture Session IPA

Style: Session IPA ABV: 4.9% Mornington’s latest addition to their IPA family, Hop culture Session IPA has been created to fit snuggly between the Pale ale and the IPA. Hop culture is an approachable IPA using Equinox and Citra hops creating a fruit-bomb aroma. A lean palate, medium bitterness, aromas of lemon, citrus and mango.

48. ESPorter

Style: Porter ABV: 6.0% Mornington ESPorter is a robust porter using an ESB yeast. Pouring a rich dark brown with a dusty tan head, our Porter displays enticing aromas of dark chocolate and vanilla. Malty undertones support a smooth and luscious palate of vanilla and coffee. The ESB yeast gives another layer of complexity to the beer.

46. VinAle

Style: VinAle ABV: 7.5% Mornington Peninsula brewery teamed up with local wine makers Montalto to create this VinAle. Using Mornington Brown Ale and co-fermenting it with the winery’s Pinot juice, VinAle is a finely tuned balance between exactly those; a Brown Ale and a Pinot noir. Presenting crystel clear and deep amber, you will receive aromas of fruits, chocolate and nuts. On tasting, there is an immediate fresh sweetness backed up by berry and toffee flavours, ending on a slight tartness.

45. Fatman’s Banquet Barley Wine

Style: Barley Wine ABV: 10.5% This is a highly hopper Barley Wine, featuring all New Zealand hops and malts. It is a big beer, with a big ABV %, and would not look out of place at an extravagant feast held by the upper echelons of society of Ancient Greece. Envision overfed Aristocrats lounging about with scantily clothed women feeding them delicacies and pouring them goblets of rich, floral refreshments.

43. Princess Peach

Style: IPA/Saison ABV: 5.7% Specially brewed for GABS 2016 and dedicated to our favourite Mario character, Princess Peach is a hybrid of an IPA and a Saison. Featuring peaches added during brewing and fermentation it’s fruity, sessionable, tart, and has a big hoppy punch.

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