Mornington’s second NITRO can

Following on from the success of their first nitrogenated (Nitro) canned beer earlier in the year, Mornington Peninsula Brewery has followed up with #tinnage006, Sacchariferous Stout on Nitro. Utilising nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbonate beer provides the beer with a creamier, smoother texture which complements this style of beer perfectly. Sacchariferous Stout is a sweet/milk stout brewed using lactose in the brewing process, hence the name Sacchariferous, meaning containing sugar. The nitrogen dosing adds to the smooth mouthfeel of the beer, and at 4.6% ABV, it is a very approachable stout. The brewing team at MPB have coined the phrase ‘vertically with enthusiasm’ to encourage customers not to dilly dally when pouring. Because nitrogen reacts differently than CO2 when the can is…

The best gift one can give

It’s true, Mornington Brewery Gift Cards are now available for purchase at the Brewery Bar. Perfect for any occasion, the Gift Cards allow you to load it up with as much as you like, for that special person to enjoy. Gift cards can be redeemed with any purchase at the Brewery Bar, including beers, pizzas, merchandise or takeaways! What are you waiting for?

Local beer for International Film event

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most significant screen event in Australia. An iconic Melbourne event, the festival takes place annually in the heart of the city, showcasing films from across the world as well as being the vocal champion and launch pad for Australian films. For 2016, 17 & 18, Mornington Peninsula Brewery successfully gained the rights to be the Major Beer Partner for this prestigious festival. Due to several factors; quality, capability and the values shared by both the MPB and MIFF, both parties felt that it was a perfect match. Just as the films presented at MIFF are from across the globe, Mornington beers adopt their styles, ingredients and inspiration…

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